About us

More than a single origin coffee company from the hands of the best coffee growers of Colombia, we are a tribute to our hard working producers.

Specialty Coffee

Our coffee is specially cared since the first moment in the Colombian mountains.

Our recipe

The recipe to their success is topped off by Mother Nature’s magic manifested through a series of microclimates found on these high-altitude farms.

Our Partners

La Guamera Farm

The coffee tradition of our country and especially the central coffee growing region has lead this family group to create, for more than 25 years, a beautiful plantation farm of Colombian soft coffee, blended with the richest flavors and aromas that Colombian mountains have to  offer.

La Guamera Farm also have the tenacity and strength of the region’s hardest working people who contribute to reach our shared objective.

Coffee Roasting, Colombian company, our goal to bring a 100% Traceable coffee, doesn’t end with the collecting bean by bean. We roast onsite to seal in every drop of the essence we want to bring to you.

Alex Samudio

Alex Samudio

Sales Director

Quality is everything for us and we have a Q-grader that will guaranty the quality of our coffee. While coffee has many stages, Alex is the one making sure the final product is up to our standards.